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 And I sincerely believe, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies & that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale 

- Thomas Jefferson

Digibit is currently in a seed round with investors
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Money 2.0 An Intro to DIGIBIT

"It is my hope, that in the next several years that we can introduce crypto to the masses. We have a very ambitious goal of taking DIGIBIT mainstream in a way that no crypto to date has done. We intend to do this by making a coin that is faster, more usable, and ultimately distributed to a huge following via the Game of Distribution. We believe that making a coin that has these qualities, DIGIBIT can succeed where all other cryptos have failed and bridge the gap between the crypto space and the mainstream public."

Adrian Thomas
Key Features
Built-In Marketplace
  • Digibit’s innovative marketplace allows users to not only spend their coins, but to also earn them
  • Using the power of blockchain technology Digibit has constructed a secure, censorship-resistant marketplace that allows users to transact with one another without having to trust each other
  • Using the power of smart-contracts, Digibit is building the next generation marketplace that will change how people transact forever
Swift Network
  • The SWIFT network addresses one of blockchain’s biggest problems scalability
  • The network is comprised of bilateral payment channels between users that support both on and off-chain payments.
  • By automatically staking tokens on behalf of user’s using winnings from the Game of Distribution, Digibit is able to create a quick, reliable, and cost-effective payment layer.
Game of Distribution
  • Digibit’s Game of Distribution is a revolutionary alternative for wide-spread coin acquisition using pure mathematics.
  • The Game of Distribution is non-bias, non-discriminatory, and allows any and everyone of all ages to participate with a fair & equal chance of winning coins.
  • If purchasing or obtaining cryptocurrency is a barrier to the crypto world, the Game of Distribution is the solution you have been waiting for.
Dynamic Block Size
  • Digibit’s Game of Distribution is a revolutionary alternative for wide-spread coin acquisition using pure mathematics.
  • The Game of Distribution is non-bias, non-discriminatory, and allows any and everyone of all ages to participate with a fair & equal chance of winning coins.
  • If purchasing or obtaining cryptocurrency is a barrier to the crypto world, the Game of Distribution is the solution you have been waiting for.

Built-In Marketplace

One of the major shortcomings of cryptocurrencies so far has been it’s ability to be used as an everyday currency.

When users purchase cryptocurrencies today it is used more as a store of value rather than a means to purchase or sell goods and services. There are a handful of innovative platforms and solutions pioneering this, however at the rate in which things are currently going this is simply not enough to support wide-spread adoption.

Digibit’s approach is to include a built-in marketplace for any and everyone to access and transact on. This is built in directly with the wallet and provides a starting point for users to become familiar with how these marketplaces work and to see the real value of their coins.

Digibit’s marketplace runs on smart contracts that are secure, reliable, and can be trusted to execute exactly as they are planned to. Users may use Digibit to sell and / or purchase what is available in the marketplace. This can be anything from online services, products shipped directly to your doorstep, different currencies, in-person services, and far more.

The possibilities are limitless!


Another major shortcoming of cryptocurrencies so far has been the scalability issue.

While blockchains are very secure and immutable, they are not very good at storing large amounts of data. Each block has a finite space of data that may be included, resulting in the need for users to compete for this space using transaction fees. The more users a network attracts, the higher the fees will be order to satisfy supply and demand for the space in these blocks.

Digibit’s approach is to incorporate an off-chain settlement solution. Users create bilateral payment channels with one another that allow them to stake a chosen amount of coins between one another and then transact as many times as they wish with these coins. If a user would like to take their coins from a payment channel and send them somewhere else, they may do so by settling the most recent balance of the bilateral payment channel on-chain.

This solution results in transactions being significantly faster and cheaper. It is also worth noting users may settle their payment channels on-chain at anytime they wish.

Game of Distribution

One of the biggest drawbacks to cryptocurrencies today is the fact that not many people have access to them.

There are various barriers to procuring cryptocurrency for the normal, everyday person. Not to mention, the concentration of wealth is an increasing problem as a limited number of people actually have access to obtaining coins.

Digibit’s Game of Distribution is built to distribute coins in a global, non-discriminatory manner and to be inclusive of significantly more people thus paving the way for mainstream adoption.

Obtaining cryptocurrency will now not only be limited to those who are familiar enough with the barriers of acquiring it, but to any one of any age through our Game of Distribution.

The coins that are distributed have real value as they come directly from a percentage of the mining reward. For a limited time period the Game of Distribution will take place each and everyday at a random time to accommodate all time zones.

Each game, every single user worldwide has a 50% change of winning Digibit simply by participating in our first-of-it’s-kind game.

Dynamic Block Size

Blockchains have done wonders for transperency and decentralization, but they have one major problem - blockchains don’t scale well.

This is because there is a finite amount of space in each "block" that makes up the blockchain. And as time goes on, and a network gets more and more usage, the blocks inadvertently start to fill up and this causes network congestion. To combat this congenstion on t he blockchain, DigiBit has created a proprietary algorithm that allows blocks to grow and shrink as needed based on transaction demand for block space.

This algorithm allows DigiBit to try to maintain close to equalibrium of supply and demand on its network, while still combatting spam and promoting network security; all while protecting the interests of miners and network users alike.

Meet The Team

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Adrian ThomasFounder

Adrian is one of the founders and original designers of the DigiBit blueprint.

Adrian Thomas

Adrian is one of the founders and original designers of the DigiBit blueprint. Adrian's role has been financing the DigiBit project while maintaining the vision of core DigiBit principles which are Liberty, Equality and Transparency. He works tirelessly with the rest of the team with the hope to bring crypto mainstream in a few short years.

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Orion Purtee

Orion focuses on the structure, outline, and design of Digibit related applications. These include the website, Digibit wallet, and more to come.

Orion Purtee

Orion has a strong passion for blockchain technology and is heavily pursuing various areas in order to disrupt multiple markets and industries with what he believes is a "revolutionary technology".

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Alena Siuchuk

Russian Social Media Marketing

Alena Siuchuk

Alena is a crypto believer. She has a strong interest in digital environment, fin tech and crypto assets industries.

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Ved Prakash Verma

Creative director and Digital Graphics Expert.

Ved Prakash Verma

Creative Director and Digital Graphics Expert, with long experience in a specialist in Online communications, Internet and Mobile IA & UI/UX design.

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Manish Rai

Manish Rai works as the lead developer for several Blockchain and progressive web app projects.

Manish Rai

Having commendably delivered a multitude of projects with diverse challenges, he's known for proficiently handling Blockchain projects like ICOs, Smart Contracts, as well as Decentralised application development with his strong expertise in Ethereum and Solidity. Manish also holds a good flair for the promising web technologies like Angular, Nodejs, Web3js, and Ruby on Rails. Though aside this technical affinity, he's also grown much fond for playing cricket as well!

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Rohan Sethi

Rohan is a well knowledged systems architect inspirited about taking up new opportunities and puzzling out new challenges.

Rohan Sethi

Working with Hyperledger, dApps, Smart Contracts, and other Blockchain trends, he keeps track of what's building up in the growing Blockchain industry. He's got an impressive stack of key technologies like Ethereum, Quorum, Java, Nodejs and Web3js, and a good deal of open-source contributions. Besides, he's also keen on exploring spiritual and cosmic sciences.


ICO Start Date
ICO End Date

DIGIBIT is currently in a seed round with investors. We will update this information after our seed round is completed.

    • Blueprint of DigiBit Laid out

    • Core DigiBit Team Started Assembling

    • Officially started coding the first DigiBit code

    • Modified ETHash Algorithm to Split mining reward between miner and Game of Distribution

    • Finished ICO Code and Smart Contracts for ICO

    • Finished Burning and Exchange Process for ERC20 Token into DigiBit.

    • goes live

    • Building architecture /protocols for whisper message transfer
    • Finish cloning Raiden Network and build out first version of SWIFT Network
    • Marketplace SmartContract development
    • Game Of Distribution random question generation for user

    • Sending and receiving remote messages with Whisper Protocol
    • Implement Swift Smart Contracts and Channel Managers
    • Marketplace Indexing service

    • Mobile Wallets and Apps for GoD for both iOS and Android
    • Dynamic Blocksize implemented

    • Private TestNet is to launch on closed network for internal testing and de-bugging
    • Restrictions on the minimum value transfer implemented

    • Public TestNet is to launch on open blockchain
    • Bug Bounty Launches along side of the TestNet

    • Begin Global Wallet Download Outreach Campaign to Whitelist for DigiBit Wallet Download.

    • MAINNET to Launch.
    • Game of Distribution Goes Live
    • Game of Distribution Global Marketing Campaigns goes live.

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